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We are a company all about natural products and ingredients. Founded in 2017.  We are on the move! Check out our story below!

Our Mission

"To provide exceptional products and services that help enhance the local Columbus community and beyond."

Our Story

The journey towards self discovery that led to the concept of Plain Jane Enterprises LLC. 

Story Part 1

I wanted to start a business that was professional, yet personal; artful, yet simple. I was inspired by a friend that called me a Plain Jane because I didn't wear makeup or jewelry at the time. But, I do have a style now that represents all the women who prefer to "live life naturally"  with creative depth without being too over the top. That's what truly inspired me to name my company Plain Jane Enterprises, LLC in 2017.

Story Part 2

Then, I started sourcing my products. I was able to find organic, non-GMO products which helped me realize my product designs. Shouts out to Dolphin Black Studios of Columbus, Ohio for designing my logo. And special mention to the Candle Lab in Worthington, Ohio for helping me select my scents. 

Story Part 3

Following my design came looking into my licenses to get me started, which took a little under a month. Now I'm official with much to come in 2019 and beyond!

Story Part 4

To Be Continued...

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